How does it work?

Using our UK Locker Rental service will earn you guaranteed revenue for each locker rented. When students subscribe for a locker rental online, we give you commision. How does a student sign up? It’s simple.



Students subscribe at and make a booking.



We send them a confirmation email, containing their unique PIN number.



The student is now granted access to their very own locker.

Need some more info?

Completely FREE installation in your educational facility

Allocated, maintained and serviced by Infinity Lockers

Complete locker rental process managed online

Our digital locking system has made keys redundant

Guaranteed income for schools, colleges and universities

Our digital locker system is designed with schools, colleges and universities in mind. This is why we’ve reduced the admin responsibilities of our customers to an absolute minimum.



Does your school always demand the best?

Now, you can demand the best for your lockers. Our UK-made lockers are safe, secure and sturdy, with options such as rounded corners (for user protection) and a perforated exterior (for ventilation). They are visually customisable to represent the emblem, branding or colour scheme of your educational facility.



ultra box plastic locker selection
multicoloured lockers

Are Infinity Lockers the educated choice?

We believe so. Our experience in this industry, and our reputation for working directly to our customers needs have made us very popular. Our school locker rental service reduces admin responsibility on the school’s behalf to almost zero. We take care of the student’s lockers, so you can take care of their learning.



Steel Lockers

The strength of the lockers is increased by separate reinforcements, one running down the full height of the locker, and others across each level to create structurally solid storage.

Our lockers are fitted with ‘5 Knuckle Hinges’. These hinges are recognised as the best hinges in the locker world, with great durability and security, lasting much longer than average hinges.

Steel lockers are recognised as the most hygienic locker option, and to add to that, we can even coat your lockers in a specialist anti-bacterial paint, in the colour of your choice.

Digital locking system will remove admin time, improve student security and allow for online transactions to avoid cash exchanges.



young child using a school locker
1-6 coloured lockers

Versatile In Each And Every Way

Customisable dimensions for lockers means that you can place an order that fits exactly into the space you have available. We also install the lockers for free, so you don’t have to worry. Want a combination of locker styles and sizes? Why not! That’s the beauty of our versatile locker rental scheme.



Laminate Door Lockers

range of laminated lockers

The laminate doors we use here at Infinity Lockers are some of the sturdiest on the market, and will become stalwart members of your educational facilities. Students need not worry about vandalism, nor denting (which can happen with steel doors).

The 10mm Trespa laminate can be overlaid on the locker doors, or inset, depending on your preference. These laminate door lockers are ultra-customisable and can come in any combination of sizes that you like.



Colours for Every Classroom

The colour customisation options from Infinity Lockers are in abundance. You can choose any shade you like, which is a great opportunity to show off your school colours or reflect your corporate brand! The right colour can say a lot about you and your environment.



laminated lockers with different colour doors

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers

We’ve saved the best for last

ultra box plastic locker selection

Every locker has a full-height strengthening bar welded inside each door to improve strength and security.

Welded horizontal bars make each compartment totally separate and to give the whole structure added support.

Our ‘5 Knuckle Hinges’ are recognised as some of the best hinges in the locker world, with unbelievable durability and security.

Our RFID system for digital lockers supersedes all other options, though alternative locking choices can be selected.



If Lockers Could Talk…

The Ultrabox plastic lockers would tell you that their designs took into consideration every aspect regarding their use, what may be stored inside them, and what environments they may be used in.

They’d tell you about their tough polyethylene door and body, which does not age, and does not degrade over time. They’d tell you about their waterproof locks and their drain hole, in case of leakages.

They’d tell you that not only are they timeless, so is the extensive range of colours that people can choose to have them designed in. Oh, if these lockers could talk, they’d probably say…



ultrabox plastic lockers

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